Life in 3 — The One Where the Feathers Fly

J Dana Stahl
2 min readJun 18, 2022

On a hazy, 114-degree Friday afternoon — while hiding away in the house with blinds pulled and fans blowing on full-blast — one can still experience so much of life and learn a few lessons along the way. Here’s what I learned today:

Mistakes were made scattered pigeon feathers

1. A perfect Friday afternoon can be simple. It can mean work is slow, Netflix has a good limited series, and there’s plenty of Diet Coke in the fridge. #RockTheSummer

2. Naps are sacred in our house…so when we were ALL awakened from a mid-afternoon nap only to discover that our mini American Eskimo had dragged a pigeon into the house for a late lunch buffet, the sacred silence was broken by maniacal, shrill barking. Certain “talking” breeds are NOT conducive to peace…or naps.

3. No vacuum is meant to handle pigeon feathers. It wasn’t pretty. Nothing more to add to this one.

Bonus learning: Always block the doggie door before any sleeping occasion — or you, too, could discover random wildlife in your home at the most unexpected time.

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